Standalone Cloud Enabled Irrigation Control System BIC 550

BERMAD BIC-550 is a standalone irrigation controller with optional Cloud and radio communication. It allows the user to monitor and control the irrigation system by using either the controller’s keyboard and display, or remotely, by using mobile device or computer via the Cloud.

BIC-550’s results are increased yields, produce quality, and profitability.

  • Modular hardware features – Versatile and flexible adaptation
    to the farmer’s needs
  • Versatile irrigation control features

-Up to 16 irrigation valves

-Time or volume irrigation, single valve or groups

-Variety of scheduling methods

-Main valve operation control

  • Built-in fertilizer injection control – Efficient chemicals
    implementation for increased yields, and profitability
  • Filtration control – water quality to protect the
    irrigation system and water conservation
  • Interface

-Local LCD display with five button keyboard

-User-friendly web-site for real-time remote monitoring & operation of multiple controllers

  • Alarms

-Local and e-mail via the Cloud

-Water flow-rate, leakage, and pressure control

-Fertilizer leakage and no flow control

-Filtration DP fault

-Low battery

Typical Application

  • Professional time and volume based irrigation control of small to medium fields.
  • Crops in single open field, trees, mesh houses, and greenhouse.
  • Irrigation control of fields without electricity.
  • Irrigation control of up to 16 zones.