Pneumatic, Pressure-Control, On-Off Deluge Valve | FP 400Y-4DC

Pneumatic, Pressure Control On-Off Deluge Valve FP 400Y-4DC


The BERMAD model 400Y-4DC is an elastomeric hydraulic, line pressure operated, deluge valve, designed specifically for advanced fire protection systems and the latest industry standards.

The 400Y-4DC is activated by a pneumatic relay valve. Opening and closing of the valve can be controlled remotely.

An integrated pressure reducing pilot valve ensures a stable and precise pre-set downstream water pressure.

The BERMAD 400Y-4DC is suitable for open-nozzle systems with a high pressure water supply. The pneumatic control makes it ideal for use in freezing environments and corrosive media.

The optional valve position indicator can include a limit switch suitable for Fire & Gas monitoring systems.


  • Safety and reliability

❑ Time-proven, simple, fail-safe actuation
❑ Single-piece, rugged, elastomeric diaphragm seal – VRSD technology
❑ Obstacle-free, uninterrupted flow path
❑ No mechanical moving parts
❑ Shuts off on remote command
❑ Ensures precise, stable downstream water pressure
❑ Valve position limit switches (optional)

  • High performance

❑ Very high flow efficiency
❑ Straight-through-flow Y-type body
❑ Approved for PN25 (365 psi)

  • Designed for fire protection

❑ Face-to-face length standardized to ISO 5752, EN 558-1
❑ Suitable for corrosive fluids and freezing
temperatures: pneumatic relay valve
❑ Designed to meet the requirements of the industry standards

  • Quick and easy maintenance

❑ In-line serviceable
❑ Fast and easy cover removal
❑ Swivel mounted drain valves*

* not including 1½” & 2” valves

 Typical Applications

  • Remote control water spray systems
  • Foam applications
  • Corrosive water supplies
  • High pressure water supply
  • Freezing conditions


System Installation

A typical installation of the BERMAD model 400Y-4DC features actuation via a pneumatic universal relay valve.

When open, and fitted with a limit switch the valve can send a feedback signal to a remote valve position monitoring system.

A pressure reducing pilot valve integrated in the control trim ensures a precise and stable pre-set downstream water pressure.



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