Pressure Reducing Valve FP 42T


The BERMAD model 42T is an elastomeric, line pressure driven pilot operated pressure control valve.

Designed specifically for advanced fire protection systems and the latest industry standards, The 42T reduces high upstream pressure to a precise, preset, stable downstream pressure.

Due to its exceptional reliability and low head loss the 42T is ideal for control of fire pump discharge.

It is also well-suited to prevent over-pressure in sprinklers, hose stations, and other discharge devices.

As an option the 42T can be fitted with a valve position indicator that can include a limit switch suitable for Fire & Gas monitoring systems.

  • Safety and reliability

❑ Time-proven, simple, fail-safe actuation
❑ Single piece, rugged, elastomeric diaphragm seal – VRSD technology
❑ Obstacle-free, uninterrupted flow path
❑ Suitable for pump discharge control, due to low headloss
❑ No mechanical moving parts

  • High performance

❑ Fast, smooth stabilizing response to pressure fluctuations
❑ Very high flow efficiency
❑ Straight through Y – type body
❑ Approved for PN25/365 psi

  • Specifically-designed for fire protection

❑ Face-to-face length standardized to ISO 5752 EN 558-1
❑ Accurate and stabilizing pressure control
❑ Meets the requirements of industry standards

  • Quick and easy maintenance

❑ In-line serviceable
❑ Fast and easy cover removal

 Typical Applications

  • Sprinkler feed systems
  • Fire pump discharge control
  • Hose station supply
  • Fire hydrant supply
  • Foam systems
  • Zonal pressure control


System Installation

A typical installation of the BERMAD model 42T features a pilot valve for the automatic stable and accurate reduction of water pressure from a high upstream value to a preset lower downstream value, regardless of fluctuating upstream pressure or flow.

A unique actuator design ensures quick and smooth valve action.

Installed singly, the 42T provides a standard pressure-reducing system. Installed in parallel, two 42T valves provide high flow rates, redundancy, and zero downtime for maintenance.

Installed in series, two 42T valves can provide a
two-stage, high reduction in pressure and/or added protection to a reduced-pressure zone.

To comply with the requirements outlined in the FM and UL standards, a pressure relief valve is to be installed on the downstream side of any approved or listed pressure reducing valve.

The BERMAD 43T Pressure Relief valve is ideally suited for this purpose, as shown in the installation illustrations.

1 x FP-04-42T+Pump - 10.12.2015 2 x FP-04-42T - 01.12.2015 1 x FP-04-42T - 01.12.2015

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