Double Interlock Pre-Action Valve Electric-Pneumatic Release System Model FP 400Y – 7DM


The BERMAD model 400Y-7DM utilizes an elastomeric deluge valve, designed specifically for advanced fire protection systems and the latest industry standards.

Electric-Pneumatic Double interlock systems include automatic sprinklers attached to a supervised dry sprinkler piping system and a supplementary electric detection system.

The 400Y-7DM admits water into the sprinkler system piping only when both the electric detection device and the pneumatic supervised systems are simultaneously activated.

An anti-flooding feature is provided by using an in-line check valve, which creates an intermediate vented chamber using a Normally Open drip check.

As an option the 400Y-7DM features a quarter turn valve position indicator available with limit switches for remote valve position monitoring.

  • Safety and reliability

❑ Time proven, simple, fail-safe actuation
❑ Single piece, rugged elastomeric diaphragm seal – VRSD technology
❑ Obstacle-free, uninterrupted flow path
❑ No mechanical moving parts
❑ Latches open: remains open until reset locally
❑ Valve position limit switches (optional)
❑ Local valve position indicator beacon (optional)

  • High performance

❑ Very high flow efficiency
❑ Straight through flow Y- type body
❑ Approved for PN20 / 300 psi

  • Quick and easy maintenance

❑ In-line serviceable
❑ Quick and easy cover removal
❑ Swivel mounted drain valves *

* not including 2” valves

Typical Applications

  • Water sensitive material storage
  • Freezing conditions
  • Computer and electronics rooms
  • Libraries / museums & archives


System Installation

A typical installation of the BERMAD model 400Y-7DM, features automatic actuation via a URV pilot control valve opening in response to a fall in pneumatic pressure of the dry sprinkler pipeline and the simultaneous opening of a 2-Way solenoid triggered electrically by a signal from a fire & gas control system.

An inline check valve and drip check valve create an intermediate vented chamber to ensure against flooding when the valve is closed.

When fitted with a limit switch the valve can send a feedback signal to a remote valve status monitoring system.

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