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AMV Shut-Off Pilot Model 3W-SOP-S

This 3-Way Shut-Off Pilot Valve with Pump Shut-Off Electrical Switch is a spring-return, flap actuated pilot valve that in response to pushing a spool against a spring, activates an electric chang over switch and directs pressure and flow between its ports:

  •  In Set Position the SOP-S spool is pushed closed, thereby hydraulically connecting ports “C1” to “V1” (”C2” is Plugged).
  •  In Normal Position the SOP-S spool is returned by the spring action, hydraulically connecting ports “P” to “C1”.

By manually turning the AMV setting knob, the flap is actuated to push the spool. After delivering the preset quantity of water, the flap slips into a groove in the turning control head mechanism, allowing the spool to return to Normal Position. The spool is activating electric Change Over Switch. This enables to turn-off the system's pump after delivering the preset quantity of water.