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Pressure Sustaining Valve

The BERMAD Pressure Sustaining Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that sustains minimum preset upstream (back) pressure and opens fully when line pressure is in excess of setting.

Features and Benefits

  • Line Pressure Driven, Hydraulically Controlled
    • Prioritizes pressure zones
    • Controls system fill-up
    • Opens fully upon line pressure rise
  • Engineered Plastic Valve with Industrial Grade Design
    • Highly durable, chemical and cavitation resistant
    • No internal bolts and nuts
  • hYflow ‘Y’ Valve Body with "Look Through" Design
    • Ultra-high flow capacity – Low pressure loss
  • Unitized Flexible Super Travel (FST) Diaphragm and Guided Plug
    • Accurate and stable regulation with smooth closing
    • Requires low opening and actuation pressure
    • Prevents diaphragm erosion and distortion
  • Simple In-Line Inspection and Service

Typical Applications

  • Line Fill-Up Control Solutions
  • Line Emptying Prevention
  • Systems Subject to Varying Supply Pressure
  • Infield Filters Backwash Pressure Sustaining
  • Energy Saving Irrigation Systems



[1] BERMAD Model IR-130-XZ sustains supply system pressure and prevents system

[2] BERMAD Pressure Reducing Valve Model IR-220-XZ
[3] BERMAD Vacuum Breaker Model ½"-ARV