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Flush-'n-Stop Valve

The BERMAD Model IR-300-eLMO is a double chambered, hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve suitable for automatic flushing of distribution lines at the beginning and the end of each irrigation cycle. Equipped with an auxiliary opening spring and a flow stem, it enables automatic opening when the system reaches closure pressure and settable opening rate, ensuring line pressure build-up for secure closing.

Features and Benefits

  • Line Pressure Driven
  • Double Chambered Design
    • Requires low actuation pressure
    • High closing force
    • Protected diaphragm
    • Spring isolated from water
  • Control Pressure Source Remote from Valve
    • Low sensitivity to water quality
    • Secure closing pressure
  • Metal Body
    • Rigid construction, high stress resistance
  • User-Friendly Design
    • Simple structure and maintenance

Typical Applications 

  • Distribution Line Flush-’n-Stop
  • Drip Systems
  • Sprinklers & Micro-Sprinklers
  • Greenhouses
  • Distribution Line Flush-’n-Stop
  • Flooding Tables Drainage (with External Pressure)
  • Irrigation Machine Line Flush-’n-Stop


[1] BERMAD Model IR-300-eLMO opens when the system reaches closure pressure flushing

      dirt and sediment out, and shuts off upon line pressure build-up when irrigation begins.
[2] Control Pressure Inlet
[3] BERMAD Model ¾-PRV