Waterworks WPH20

Woltman Turbine Meter WPH

Heavy duty and designed to handle high flow rates, the TURBOBAR WPH-Magnetic Drive water meter covers a very wide flow range, and is particularly suited to industrial, waterworks, water distribution, water monitoring, and agricultural applications.
Based on the Woltmann principle, the helical blades of the turbine rotate around the axis of flow.
TURBOBAR products are long-life, and easy to maintain at low cost.

  • Removable and interchangeable measuring element.
  • Dry type register

– Hermetically sealed.

  • ncludes output option by Dry Contact (Reed Switch) and Opto-Electronic sensor, as standard

– Digital flow converter device and a digital counter are available on request.

  • Magnetic transmission keeps the register completely separate from water; only the impeller and transmission shaft contact water.
  • Meets or exceeds ISO 4064 class B-H.
  • US gallons registration available on request.
  • EEC Approval (50-300 mm).
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