About Bermad Global

BERMAD is a leading, privately-owned global company that designs, develops and manufactures tailor-made water & flow management solutions that include state-of-the-art hydraulic control valves, air valves and advanced metering solutions.
Founded in 1965, we have spent over 50 years interacting with the world’s major end users and accumulating knowledge and experience in multiple markets and industries. Today, we are recognized as a pioneer and established leading global provider of water & flow management solutions that provides our customers with unprecedented operational efficiency, superior quality, durability and the performance they need to meet the demanding challenges of the 21st century.

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
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Customized for the unique needs of multiple sectors

Incorporating advanced water & flow management capabilities, our best-of-breed solutions have been carefully customized to meet the unique needs of multiple sectors and industries.

  • Irrigation

    Our vision is to provide integrated irrigation management solutions. To this end, we continuously develop our team capabilities to acquire the deepest practical knowledge. We strive to be a “one-stop shop” for our customers by designing,
    manufacturing and providing support for the widest range of innovative water flow management products which are integrated into efficient and cost-effective solutions for the full range of agricultural irrigation needs.

  • Fire Protection

    Our globally-proven fire protection solutions incorporate unique, patented technologies for fail-safe, minimum flow obstruction and high-resistance to water hammer and surge. Providing the greatest reliability over the longest service life, these high-quality solutions can be found throughout the world as vital components of fire protection systems, including high-hazard areas and installations that require unique solutions – helping to save lives and prevent property damage in fire events. BERMAD fire protection valves meet the most demanding industry standards.

  • Buildings & Construction

    The Buildings & Construction industry has unique requirements, including fire protection requirements, which must be taken into account when designing and installing water supply and distribution systems. For this reason, BERMAD’s water & control management solutions for the Building & Construction industry are designed and manufactured with careful consideration given to important issues such as constant water supply, noise and maintenance considerations, sanitary and safety, integration and control and high water consumption.

  • Waterworks

    As pioneers in water supply protection and efficiency, our proven water & control management solutions include state-of- the-art hydraulic control valves, air valves and advanced water meters.
    Whether for bulk water supply systems, water distribution network grids, or waste water pumping stations and delivery lines, we offer robust and reliable solutions that help optimize water usage, maximize energy efficiency, reduce costs, protect water supply and distribution systems, and keep water system downtime to a minimum.

  • Mining

    Our comprehensive range of custom-made, high-performance and proven control valves, air valves and surge protection devices are widely deployed in the mining industry worldwide, providing solutions for the toughest flow control applications in copper, gold, iron, coal and other precious metal mines.

Operating globally for your peace of mind

Our extensive integrated global network provides our customers with exceptional service and peace of mind. With 12 globally-dispersed subsidiaries and distributors as well as a direct presence in over 85 countries, we have built a reputation for top-quality sales and after-sales service supported by highly-trained and dedicated professionals.
This global reputation enables us to make a significant contribution in the world arena, and take part in multiple large-scale international projects. From the Channel Tunnel to the 3 Gorges Dam in China, and the irrigation fields of Asia and South America, to the oil fields of the North Sea and the Persian Gulf, governments and private sector partners around the world rely on our solutions for all their water & flow management needs.

Dedicated to precision engineering and ongoing support

With an understanding that comprehensive water flow management solutions are only as effective as their
smallest component, we design, develop and manufacture all hydraulic control valves, air valves and
advanced metering solutions in-house according to the most stringent quality standards.
This dedication to innovation, precision, quality and reliability enables us to adapt and customize our
solutions to meet almost any customer needs; to constantly integrate the latest and most reliable
manufacturing techniques into our processes; and to provide every customer with excellent comprehensive
commercial and technical support before, during and after installation.


Helping to manage the world’s most precious resource

At BERMAD, we understand that the efficient and smart management of our planet’s most precious resource is as vital as the resource itself.
This underpins our commitment to designing, manufacturing and supplying water & flow management solutions that
help reap the full benefits of every single drop of water.
Our dedication to our customers is matched by our commitment to the environment. In addition to offering
comprehensive solutions that maximize the usage efficiency of water and other resources, we are constantly
searching for new and better manufacturing materials and methods to ensure sustainability. As a result, our
products comply with the most stringent international environmental standards and certifications.

  • ACS

    Certificate of compliance health A30 C30

    air valve complying with food standards

  • Australian Standard

    Australian Standards Mark – Air Valves

    AS 4956-2008 -Air valves for water supply in Waterworks.

  • WW NSF Standards

    NSF Certificate

    NSF Certifies products and writes standards for food, water and consumer goods.

  • Swiss Certificate of Compliance


    Swiss Certification for Valves for Water Supply

  • Australian Standard

    Australian Standards Mark

    AS 5081-2008 – Hydraulically operated automatic control valves for waterworks purposes

  • WW GOST Standards

    GOST Certificate

    GOST, Russia certifies quality of actually supplied goods and their compliance with contractual terms.

  • WW IQNet Standards

    IQ NET Certificate

    Certified Quality Systems

  • WRAS

    WRAS Certificate

    Water Regulations Advisory Scheme


    DVGW Certificate

    Certificate of Compliance with the German Standards KTW, W270 and European Standards EN 1074-1 and EN 1074-5

  • 6CK Certificate of Compliance


    Bulgarian Certification for Valves for Water Supply

  • PZH


    Polish Certification for Valves for Water Supply

  • Certified EMS

    ISO 14000 – Environmental management

    This certificate verifies that BERMAD is maintaining an environmental management system that ensures reduced environmental impacts and increases operating efficiency.

  • ISO

    OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety

    This certificate verifies that BERMAD complies with all safety and health regulations within the working environment as well as employee working conditions.