Buildings & Construction Knowledge Center

Pre-Action in Elevator Technical Room

This animation presents the BERMAD Pre-Action fire protection system, which is installed at the machine room as an integral component of the building’s fire protection system.

Deluge in Garbage and Energy Room

This animation depicts activation of the BERMAD deluge system preventing fire from spreading to other parts of a building and isolating the nearby flammable material storage from the flames.

Multi Floor Installation

This animation describes the advantages of BERMAD’s single-floor pressure reduction system, installed in the water supply system of a high-rise building that is divided into few multi-floor pressure zones.

Single Floor Installation

This animation describes the operation of Integrated self supported BERMAD’s Pressure Reduction system in water supply of high-rise building, which is divided into few pressure zones.

Pump Applications

This animation demonstrates the operation of the pump involved in filling the upper reservoir in high-rise buildings, and describes BERMAD safety procedures for protecting the system from excessive pressure.

Level Control Challenge

This animation demonstrates the lower reservoir filling cycle in a high-rise building, and describes the BERMAD safety procedure that protects the building from reservoir overflow.

Supply Pressure Sustaining

This animation demonstrates the BERMAD Pressure Sustaining Valve, which ensures sufficient water supply to residents on the lower floors of a high-rise building, even while the building’s lower reservoir is undergoing filling.