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Irrigation Consortium in Callen Huesca, North East Spain – Irrigation Project

Pumped system for 1,872 Ha irrigation consortium with 70 users who grow corn, barley, wheat & alfalfa. The project was designed to upgrade water system and usage for increased crops. To provide surge protection, surge anticipating valves and combination air valve with surge protection devices were installed. To optimize air flow in the network, combination air valves were installed. To allow automatic adjustments to different scenarios, remotely controlled flow control and pressure reducing hydrometers were installed.

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C10/C30 Operation

Watch this video to learn about the operation of BERMAD's Combination Air Valves for WaterWorks (C30) & Irrigation (C10).

Intial Filling

"Watch this movie to learn how Installing a BERMAD C70 Combination air valve on the high points of the pipeline rapidly releases air during the initial stages of the pipeline filling.

Column Separation

Watch this movie to learn how installing the BERMAD C70 Combination Air Valve prevents damage from column separation.

100 3-Way Operation 120-50-X

Watch this video to learn about the operation of BERMAD’s 100 Series 3-Way Pressure Reducing Valve with hydraulic remote control.

Vacuum Conditions

Watch this video and learn how to avoid pipeline damges as a result of vacuum conditions by using BERMAD's C-70 Combination Air Valve.

C70 AS Operation

Watch this video to learn about the operation of BERMAD’s IR-C70-SP Combination Air Valve with surge protection.

K10 Kinetic Air Valve

Watch this video to learn how the BERMAD K10 Kinetec Air Valve eliminates vacuum conditions in the pipline and protects it from collapsing.