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Pressure Relief/Sustaining Valve 1030-55

Solenoid controlled valve that can be set to close drip tight or modulate as pressure relief or sustaining in response to an electric signal. When modulating the valve sustains minimum pre-set, upstream pressure. If installed as a branched from the line it relieves excessive line pressure when above maximum pre-set. The BERMAD 1000 is at the leading edge of control valve design, providing a valve that is free of the typical limitations associated with standard control valves. A unitized flexible diaphragm & guided plug provide a significantly ‘look through’ passage resulting in accurate & stable regulation and high flow capacity. The 1000 unique composite structure allows fast & simple maintenance by easy replacing of lightweight diaphragm assembly. It has a wide range of end connection types and sizes, including articulated flange connections isolating the valve from pipeline bending & pressure stresses.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Easy set-up
    • Super light weight
    • Line pressure driven – no external driving power needed
    • Easy pressure setting – in site or pre-ordered
    • Adaptable on-site to a wide range of end connection
  • Simple and durable design
    • Excellent cavitation resistance
    • Highly durable construction & material – No rust
    • Unitized actuator unit – open, replace, close
    • In-line serviceable – no need to remove from line
  • All the benefits of a diaphragm actuated control valve
    • Wide flow range
    • Low flow stability
    • Drip tight sealing
    • Obstacle free flow pass
    • Easy addition of hydraulic features
Typical Product Applications
  • Prioritizing upstream consumes over downstream high demand
  • Sustaining sufficient pressure at upstream in case of pressure drop
  • High pressure safety relief valve in potable water pressure reduction systems
  • As a safety device for pumping stations temporarily operated out of their regular regime, where stable and constant pressure relief is required
  • Sustains pump discharge pressure, preventing pump overload and cavitation damage caused by excessive demand
  • Preventing line emptying in gravity lines
  • Process flow control in facilitates requiring pressure control