Direct Acting Pressure Reducer with Manual Closure 2”- PRV

The BERMAD Direct Acting Pressure Reducer is actuated
by a pressure responsive piston, which seeks to reach
equilibrium between hydraulic and set spring force.
The BERMAD Model 2”-PRV brass body and reinforced
plastic actuator assembly endow it with excellent hydraulic
performance capabilities and particularly high mechanical
strength. Supplied with a special throttling plug, it reduces
higher upstream pressure to lower constant downstream
pressure even under conditions of near zero demand,
and seals drip-tight under no-flow conditions.

Metal Body and Advanced Construction Materials

  • Suitable for metal piping installations
  • Rigid construction, high stress resistance
  • Proven pressure, flow and weather resistance

Direct Acting Pressure Reducer with Manual Closure

  • Protects downstream
  • Immediate response
  • Enables local manual closing

Throttling Plug with Nitril Seal Disk

  • Accurate and stable low-flow regulation
  • Drip-tight sealing under no-flow conditions

Piston and Guided Plug Actuated

  • Accurate and repeatable operation

User-Friendly Design

  • Can be installed at any orientation
  • Simple in-line inspection and service

■ Primary PRV for High P Pressure Reducing Systems
■ Pressure Zoning in Topographic Areas
■ Secondary Protection of Sensitive Lines
■ Pressure Reduction for Marginal Plots

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