Alarm Trim 3/3 Valve Assembly


The BERMAD Alarm Trim Valve Assembly includes a 3-Way ball valve with a position plate. This valve enables fire alarm testing on BERMAD deluge valves without actuating the deluge valve. There are 3 positions for this valve. The function of each position is indicated on a Stainless steel plate located opposite of the valve handle.

STAND BY – Directs the deluge valve downstream port to the alarm. In this position the alarm will sound when the deluge valve is actuated and water will flow from the downstream deluge valve port to the alarm sensor / motor alarm, initiating the alarm.

STOP – Closes the passage from the downstream port. In this position
the alarm will not sound regardless of whether the deluge valve is open
or not.

ALARM TEST – Directs the deluge upstream port to the alarm. This position is used to test the working condition of the alarm without having to actuate the deluge valve. Water will flow from the upstream deluge valve port to the alarm sensor / motor alarm.
After testing the handle must be returned to the STAND BY position.

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