Pre-Action in Elevator Technical Room

This animation presents the BERMAD Pre-Action fire protection system, which is installed at the machine room as an integral component of the building’s fire protection system.

Deluge in Garbage and Energy Room

This animation depicts activation of the BERMAD deluge system preventing fire from spreading to other parts of a building and isolating the nearby flammable material storage from the flames.

Electrically Controlled Deluge Valve BC-400E-2M-UL

BERMAD’s electrically controlled deluge fire protection system for buildings is designed for use in systems that include electric fire detection and piping with wide variety of open nozzles.

This deluge system is capable of delivering large quantities of water over a large area in a relatively short period of time. BERMAD’s deluge valves are specially designed to open fast and smoothly while preventing water hammer.
The BC-400E-2M-UL system controls an open pipe sprinklers which include an electric fire detection unit. This UL-Listed system admits water into the sprinkler piping when the fire detection system triggers the solenoid valve.

  • Compact structure – vertically installed small footprint specially designed for tight and confined areas such as water cabinets and technical floors
  • Integral factory assembled unit – easy and simple installation reducing assembly errors and logistics difficulties
  • Hydraulic latch open – patented “easy lock” that closes only upon local manual reset
  • Drip check and Leaks control – visual and electrical indication for leaking valve
  • Factory pre-assembled trim – out of box quality
  • High quality construction materials for reliable long lasting operation
  • Full bore valve port area and hydrodynamic body for unobstructed flow path; minimal pressure loss with low cavitation damage
  • Immediate valve response – ensures operation after long standby periods; specially designed for fire protection systems
  • Integral drain port – external drain valves are not needed

Typical Application

  • Controlling open nozzles sprinkler systems in buildings, parking areas, warehouses, workshops, water curtains, central gas repositories, etc.
  • Controlling sprinkler systems installed under freezing conditions and in cold storage facilities where the fire protection pipelines are kept empty while not in use.
  • In buildings separated to several fire zones using a common water source, where false tripping of the system should be eliminated.
  • In deluge fire protection systems that require UL approval.

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