Pre-Action in Elevator Technical Room

This animation presents the BERMAD Pre-Action fire protection system, which is installed at the machine room as an integral component of the building’s fire protection system.

Dry Pipe Control Valve BC-400E-DP-UL

BERMAD’s hydraulically controlled deluge fire protection system for buildings is designed for use in systems that include air pressurized lines with closed fusible plug nuzzles (thermal releases) and/or fire hoses. This deluge system is capable of delivering large quantities of water over a large area in a relatively short period of time.

BERMAD’s deluge valves are specially designed to open fast and smoothly while preventing water hammer.
The BC-400E-DP-UL system controls closed fusible plug sprinklers; this UL-Listed system admits water into the sprinkler piping when the air pressure in the sprinklers line drops due to a thermal release or manual operation.

  • Compact structure – vertically installed small footprint specially designed for tight and confined areas such as water cabinets and technical floors
  • Integral factory assembled unit – easy and simple installation reducing assembly errors and logistics difficulties
  • Sustained control loop pressure – ensure proper operation of the system under varying control lines pressure
  • Hydraulic latch open – patented “easy lock” that closes only upon local manual reset
  • Drip check and Leaks control – visual and electrical indication for leaking valve
  • High quality construction materials for reliable long lasting operation
  • Full bore valve port area and hydrodynamic body for unobstructed flow path; minimal pressure loss with low cavitation damage
  • Immediate valve response – ensures operation after long standby periods; specially designed for fire protection systems
  • Integral drain port – external drain valves are not needed

Typical Application

  • Controlling sprinkler and hydrant systems installed under freezing conditions in buildings, parking areas, warehouses and cold storage facilities.
  • In installations where electricity is not available or where hydraulic control operation is preferred.
  • In deluge fire protection systems that require UL approval.

Dry Pipe Control Valve


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