Level Control Challenge

This animation demonstrates the lower reservoir filling cycle in a high-rise building, and describes the BERMAD safety procedure that protects the building from reservoir overflow.

Level Control Valve BC-750-60-F0

Hydraulically operated control valve that controls reservoir filling and reservoir level.
Reservoir filling is accomplished in response to a hydraulically controlled modulating horizontal float that maintains a constant water level, regardless of fluctuating demand.
BERMAD 700 series valves are hydraulically operated globe valves available in either standard oblique (Y) or angle (A) pattern design. They have a full bore hydrodynamic body providing an unobstructed flow path, with a seat assembly and double chamber unitized actuator that can be disassembled from the body as a separate integral unit.

  • High quality construction materials ensure reliable, resilient and long lasting operation
  • Durable design suitable for highly intensive operation
  • Full bore valve port area and hydrodynamic body provide unobstructed flow path, with minimal pressure loss, operation noise and low cavitation damage
  • Double chamber actuator, fully operational under very low pressure conditions including optional full opening & closing action under zero line pressure; provides smooth, immediate valve response with no hammer effect.
  • Near maintenance-free straightforward balanced design including an actuator that can be easily disassembled from the valve body as a separate integral unit for minimal downtime.
  • Ensures uninterrupted supply to building occupants dependent on the reservoir system for their water needs
  • Heavy duty design – suitable for intensively operating water reservoirs
  • Easy to horizontally mount and calibrate lightweight float; simple installation and maintenance, long-lasting smooth and reliable operation
  • 2-Way control loop – maintains accurate and stable reservoir level; specially suitable for large surface / low depth tanks
  • Straightforward control loop structure with minimal use of accessories and tubing – prevents breakdowns, overflows and vandalism

Typical Application

  • Level control of emergency fire protection reservoirs in buildings, including basement and roof-top reservoirs, emergency water storage, etc.
  • Priority and backup management of reservoirs
  • Constant level control systems where maintaining a full tank level is required


Level Control Valve

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