Time/Flow/Volume Controller BEC PM1

The BEC PM1 allows the control of Pressure Management by flow or by time when used in conjunction with BERMAD’s dynamic PRV. The BEC PM1 is programmed to change the system

pressure during high and low demand. The BEC PM1 enables volumetric control when used with BERMAD On/Off control valves.

The BEC PM1 is a self-contained unit that can operate without the need for external terminal or laptop for programing.

  •  Pressure management
    •  Optimize network pressure management
    •  Alternate between high pressure and low pressure periods by time or by flow
    •  Up to three time windows for high pressure per day
    •  Flow switch override for fire flow – require additional equipment
  •  Flushing dead ends by volume
    •  Account for water flushed out of the pipe to refresh the system
    •  Optimize water quality
    •  Automatic refreshing reservoirs
  •  Ease of programming
    •  Up to three start times per day
    •  Weekly schedule or Interval scheduling
    •  12 or 24 hours clock
    •  Schedule adjustment 10%-200%
    •  Preset volume up-to 9999 pulses
  •  Installation in remote areas and confined spaces
    •  Operated by 9 VDC Alkaline battery
    •  Battery last for one year
  •  User friendly
    •  “Next Step” programming
    •  Self-contained, no need for special cables, programmers or laptop for adjustments