Hydraulic self-cleaning, hydraulically powered screen filters, combining suction-scanning screen technology with an innovative compact design BF100 FILTERS

The Bermad BF100 Series are automatic, self-cleaning filters, ideal for remote installation
sites, with a water-driven self-cleaning mechanism that doesn’t require any external power
source for operation. With a variety of screen areas the BF100 models support flow rates
of up to (800 m3/h) 3,520 gpm, with filtration degrees of 500 down to 80 micron and inlet/
outlet diameters from 2” to 14”.

„„ Line pressure driven self-cleaning mechanism – no
external power source is required
„„No interruption of downstream flow during flushing
„„Water required for cleaning – Low consumption, for
a short time
„„ Ideal solution for agricultural filtration requirements
„„Automatic flushing according to pressure differential
or time
„„ Flush initiating by hydraulic or electronic control
„„ Reliable operating mechanism
„„ Simple construction and easy maintenance
„„High reliability and durability

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