Polymeric hydraulic self-cleaning, hydraulically powered screen filters, combining suction-scanning screen technology with an innovative compact design BF200 FILTERS

The Bermad BF200 Filters are automatic filters, with multiple screens, operated by hydraulic
turbines mechanism, with a capacity up to 280 m3/h (1,233 gpm) and with filtration degrees
from 80-500 micron Inlet/Outlet connections available: 100 mm (4”), 150 mm (6”), 200 mm
(8”) diameter, and exhaust valve is 50 mm (2”).

„„Polymeric housing – Corrosion and fertilizer resistant
„„Increased reliability and durability
„„Suction-scanning screen technology
„„Large filtration area
„„Low water and energy consumption
„„Compact design and small footprint
„„Easy installation and maintenance
„„Diverse open-field irrigation, landscaping,
„„greenhouse and aquaculture applications
„„AC/DC electronic controller

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