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Landscape Irrigation Controller BIC 1

The BIC 1 is a flexible, easy to use, single station landscape irrigation controller that is designed for installation on a single irrigation valve or solenoid actuator for easy and convenient setting of the irrigation schedule. The BIC 1 includes a built-in rain sensor connection for efficient and economical water usage that lessens the need for user intervention. Powered by two standard AA Alkaline batteries the BIC 1 ensures reliable and continuous operation for up to 3 years.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Irrigation cycles control by days and hours
  • Advanced construction materials

-Robust construction

-Durable in all environment conditions

  • Low power consumption

-Operated by two standard AA batteries

-Up to three years of continuous operation

  • Manual operations

-Manual operation through the controller’s keypad

-Three position Manual Activation: Opened, Automatic, Closed

-Flow Control – Manual adjustment of maximum flow

  • Easy and user friendly operation
  • Simple to install and service
  • Durable and resilient BERMAD product
Typical Product Applications

Typical Applications

  • Drip, sprinklers and micro-sprinklers landscape irrigation systems
  • Irrigation of flowerpots and window boxes
  • Rooftops and balconies systems
  • Public, roadside, and traffic islands landscaping