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FIELD VERIFICATOR Portable Diagnostic Tool

The Field verificator is a portable unit that can be used as a diagnostic and condition-monitoring tool, both for sensors and converters. It checks on-site meter’s performance without the need to stop the flow, avoiding extra cost for installation and removal of the flowmeter.

Product Features & Benefits

Simulates the electromagnetic sensor and captures the converter’s measure through RS485 interface
Measures the converter’s excitation current
Stores the converter’s settings on netbook as a reference for future tests or alignment of the converter
Transfers calibration factor between converters allowing minimum error
Performs a functional test on converter’s I/O
Calibrates the 4-20 mA output
Verifies sensor’s integrity through a dedicated motherboard
Robust plastic case housing
Stand-alone, powered by internal battery
Totally automed and easy to use
Power supply and wiring test connectors fixed on aluminium plate
Supporting plate for electronic motherboard installation

Typical Product Applications