Pressure Reducing Valve FP-720-UL

  The Model FP 720-UL Pressure Reducing Valve reduces high, unstable upstream pressure to maintain precise stable downstream pressure, regardless of changing upstream pressure or flow, and requires only existing line pressure to operate.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Advanced “Y” or angle pattern – Efficient straight through flow
  • Broad operating flow range – V-Port Throttling Plug
  • Advanced pilot system – With integral adjustable closing speed
  • Accurately maintains dynamic and static pressure
  • Double chambered unitized actuator – Protected diaphragm and smooth operation
  • Easy, in-line inspection ensures minimal down time
  • Quick and smooth valve action
  • Replaceable stainless steel valve seat – extended valve life

Optional Features

  • Large control filter (code: F)
  • Seawater service FS as prefix to model



Note: Optional features can be mixed and matched.
Consult your BERMAD representative for full details.

Typical Product Applications

Typical Applications

  • Hose station feeds
  • Sprinkler systems with overpressure
  • Deluge systems with overpressure
  • Foam systems
  • Fire hydrant water supply


The BERMAD Model FP 720-UL, pressure reducing valve, pilot operated, automatically and accurately reduces downstream water pressure to a specific, adjustable value.

The FP 720-UL operates under both flowing and non-flowing (static) conditions.

The Pressure Reducing Pilot [1] senses downstream pressure [2] and in real time modulates the main valve [3] to maintain a constant downstream pressure.

In no-flow static conditions, should the downstream pressure start rising above pilot setting, the pilot closes, shutting the main valve seal [4] drip-tight to maintain the allowable downstream pressure.