Pressure Reducing Valve FP 720-UL


The Model FP 720-UL Pressure Reducing Valve reduces high, unstable upstream pressure to maintain precise stable downstream pressure, regardless of changing upstream pressure or flow, and requires only existing line pressure to operate.

  • Advanced “Y” or angle pattern – Efficient straight through flow
  • Broad operating flow range – V-Port Throttling Plug
  • Advanced pilot system – With integral adjustable closing speed
  • Accurately maintains dynamic and static pressure
  • Double chambered unitized actuator – Protected diaphragm and smooth operation
  • Easy, in-line inspection ensures minimal down time
  • Quick and smooth valve action
  • Replaceable stainless steel valve seat – extended valve life

Optional Features

  • Large control filter (code: F)
  • Seawater service FS as prefix to model



Note: Optional features can be mixed and matched.
Consult your BERMAD representative for full details.

Typical Applications

  • Hose station feeds
  • Sprinkler systems with overpressure
  • Deluge systems with overpressure
  • Foam systems
  • Fire hydrant water supply


The BERMAD Model FP 720-UL, pressure reducing valve, pilot operated, automatically and accurately reduces downstream water pressure to a specific, adjustable value.

The FP 720-UL operates under both flowing and non-flowing (static) conditions.

The Pressure Reducing Pilot [1] senses downstream pressure [2] and in real time modulates the main valve [3] to maintain a constant downstream pressure.

In no-flow static conditions, should the downstream pressure start rising above pilot setting, the pilot closes, shutting the main valve seal [4] drip-tight to maintain the allowable downstream pressure.



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