Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve IR-WW-723

The Model 723 Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve with two independent functions. It sustains minimum pre-set upstream pressure regardless of
fluctuating flow or varying downstream pressure, and it prevents downstream pressure from rising above maximum pre-set regardless of fluctuating flow or excessive upstream pressure.

Line pressure driven – Independent operation

In-line serviceable – Easy maintenance

Double chamber design

  • Moderated valve reaction
  • Protected diaphragm

Flexible design – Easy addition of features

Variety of accessories – Perfect mission matching

“Y” or angle, wide body – Minimized pressure loss

Semi-straight flow – Non-turbulent flow

Stainless Steel raised seat – Cavitation damage resistant

Obstacle free, full bore – Uncompromising reliability

V-Port Throttling Plug – Low flow stability

■ Solenoid control – 723-55
■ Check feature – 723-20
■ High sensitivity pilots – 723-12
■ Solenoid control & check feature – 723-25
■ Downstream over pressure guard – 723-48
■ Proportional – 723-PD

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