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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Converter IR-MC406

The MC406 is the new high-efficiency, technologically advanced battery powered electronic converter from Euromag, combining high performances and dedicated applications solutions to a low cost of ownership. Up to 10 years of battery life allows maintenance free of operation. Battery pack is then easily replaceable, all data are automatically stored in the internal EEPROM memory and no data will be lost.

Product Features & Benefits
  • High Accuracy at wide flow range – Each sensor is calibrated on a hydraulic bench equipped with a reference weighting system
  • Open flow path –Allows for use upstream of filtration, in canals
    and effluent Water
  • DC compact electronics – Low power consumption ideal for use in locations without
    power supply
  • Rugged and Efficient Construction – Accurate measurement of corrosive fluids, manure and wastewater
  • Combined Sensors –Flow and pressure transducer Combined in one unit for optimizing
    monitoring capabilities
Typical Product Applications
  • Compliant with water usage reporting regulation
  • Remote or local monitoring of flows and water usage
  • Leak and plugging detection in irrigation systems
  • Accumulations of filtration flush water

Bermadize your waterflow systems, so you can remotely regulate water delivery, monitor performance, and troubleshoot any issues – anywhere, anytime. click here to learn more