Pressure Relief Valve Model FP#3HC

  The BERMAD FP-3HC is direct acting diaphragm type, Pressure Relief/ Pressure Sustaining Valve. The single port is actuated by a pressure responsive, spring loaded diaphragm, which tends to reach equilibrium with the adjustable pre-set spring force, thereby relieving or sustaining the chosen pre-set inlet/ upstream pressure value. When the FP-3HC installed in a Relief/Sustaining circuit, it automatically modulates to open as upstream pressure reaches the chosen set point.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Internal pressure sensing
  • Remote sensing, optional
Typical Product Applications
  • Direct-Acting Water Pressure Relief Valve (model FP-3HC)
  • Pilot valve for Relief Valves sizes 12-16″ (model #3HC-R)
  • Pilot valve for Differential Pressure Sustaining Valves sizes 12-16″ (model #3HC-DR)