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Reduced Port Meter MUT2300

Thanks to its unique design of the flowtube, the MUT2300 is the optimum solution for water and wastewater applications.

Product Features & Benefits

U0-D0 installation: extreme flexibility on the flowmeter position
Measure of extremely low flow rates, even in problematic applications and “night flows” or low season
Neglectable pressure drop
No moving parts
Empty pipe electrode supplied as a standard (≥ DN65)
Bi-directional measure
Coupled with any Euromag converters
In house wet calibration for all diameters
Robust, fully welded and potted construction
Engineered for very demanding applications
External coating for offshore or subsoil installation. Optional paint certified for C4 class environment
Wide choice of materials for housing and flanges including SS304 and SS316

Typical Product Applications

Measure of potable or reflow water
Distribution, municipal water
Industrial waste water
Overnight applications with very low flow rate
Industrial process liquids, slurries and concretes
Installation in small places without straight distances
Leakage detection
Fiscal measures