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Paddle Flow Rate Servo Pilot Model PC-70-M

This flow rate pilot combines all principal functions of a 2-way control circuit with elements of a 3-way control circuit. It is a direct acting pilot valve, actuated by a paddle that is positioned within the flow stream. Should demand rise above setting, the increasing flow dynamic force moves the paddle, which thereby pushes the pilot trim against the spring force. This increases control water flow into the control chamber, causing the main valve to throttle closed limiting system flow to pilot setting. The pilot's unique internal design dynamically increases and decreases the main valve response speed in direct proportion to the discrepancy between actual and setting flow rate.

Typical Product Applications

Typical Applications

  •  Flow Control Valves sizes 11/2-10”
  •  Flow Control and Pressure Reducing Valves sizes 11/2-10”
  •  Level and Flow Control Valves sizes 11/2-10”
  •  Burst Control Valves sizes 11/2-10” (Modified to 3-Way Trim PC-70-X-M)

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