Pressure Reducing Servo Pilot Valve, Plastic PC-S-P

This pilot combines all principal functions of a 2-way control circuit with
elements of a 3-way control circuit. It is a direct acting pilot valve,
actuated by a pressure responsive diaphragm, which seeks to reach
equilibrium between hydraulic and set spring forces. A fully balanced
trim ensures high accuracy and stability. When used in a pressure
reducing circuit, the pilot modulates closed as downstream pressure
rises above setting.
The pilot’s unique internal design dynamically increases and decreases
the main valve response speed in direct proportion to the discrepancy
between actual and setting pressures.

■ Integrated dynamic upstream flow restrictor
■ Differential pressure sensing

■ Pressure Reducing Valves sizes 11/2-4” (Standard model PC-S-P)
■ Flow Control Valves sizes 11/2-4”
(Modified to differential sensing PC-SD-P)
■ Pressure Sustaining Valves sizes 11/2-4”
(Standard model connected as Pressure Sustaning Pilot)
■ Differential Pressure Sustaining Valves sizes 11/2-4”
(Modified to PC-S-P-D and connected as Pressure Sustaning Pilots)

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