SHARP 3-Way Mini-Pilot PC-SHARP-X

SHARP is the most sensitive and accurate mini-pilot in the market. It is a multi-purpose 3-Way mini-pilot, diaphragm-operated, based on a balance between the hydraulic force acting on the diaphragm, and the mechanical force of the calibration spring. The SHARP replaces the PC-X

mini-pilot through all applications range.

  •  Universal Mini-Pilot: Serves as a pressure reducing pilot, pressure sustaining pilot, flow control Pilot [PC-XD] & hydraulic relay
  •  Easy fit-in: Connections are identical to PC-X & Servo (PC-S)mini-pilots, allowing easy & simple on-site upgrade
  •  High Quality: All calibration springs made of Stainless Steel
  •  Accurate & Flexible: Pressure setting range: 0.5-10bar; 8-145psi. Tolerance: < 2m; 3psi
  •  Pressure Reducing
  •  Pressure Sustaining
  •  Pressure Reducing & Sustaining
  •  Flow Control (with Sealed Cover “D”)
  •  Hydraulic Relay
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