2-Way Latching Universal Relay Valve Model URV-2-M

  The BERMAD URV-2-M is a Normally Open 2-Way Spring return balanced poppet type, pressure operated and diaphragm actuated latching relay pilot valve. The URV changes its position from open to close in response to pressure being supplied to its control chamber. Once open the latching mechanism holds the URV open, regardless of a return of control pressure. Only after being manually and locally reset with a simultaneous return of control pressure will the URV close. The URV is a relay device designed for use with BERMAD Deluge Valves. Its function is to actuate the BERMAD main valve upon pressure release (pressure to close). The URV’s balanced poppet design enables safe reliable operation with a low control pressure while using compact dimensions. The URV is specifically designed for Fire Safety systems in that it has no mechanical friction of the internal parts, greatly increasing reliability. This also makes it ideal for use with corrosive fluids such as firewater, brackish water or seawater.

Product Features & Benefits


Frictionless operation: Isolating membrane increases safety and reliability, well suited for use with sea-water and corrosive fluids

Latches open: remains open until manually reset

Balanced Poppet Shaft: Enables a low control pressure, regardless of water line supply pressure

Heavy duty construction: Suitable for on-shore as well as the harsh conditions of offshore facilities

Corrosion resistant construction materials