Single Floor Installation

This animation describes the operation of Integrated self supported BERMAD’s Pressure Reduction system in water supply of high-rise building, which is divided into few pressure zones.

Quick Pressure Relief Valve WW-13Q-BT

Hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated quick pressure relief valve that relieves excessive system pressure when such pressure rises above a pre-set value.
It responds immediately, accurately, and with high repeatability to a rise in system pressure by opening fully. It also provides smooth drip tight closing.
The BERMAD 100 hYflow, at the leading edge of control valve design, are hydraulic plug- type, diaphragm operated valves.
This highly durable series utilizing industrial glass-filled nylon, combines simple and reliable construction with superior performance under wide range of operation conditions.

  • High quality industrial grade construction materials ensure reliable, resilient and long lasting operation
  • Flexible super travel diaphragm and balanced plug provide smooth operation with low actuation pressure and diaphragm protection
  • Straight flow-through design of valve body ensures in ultra-high flow capacity with minimal loss of pressure
  • Highly durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions
  • Simple design with few parts allows easy in-line inspection and service
  • 2-way pilot and control loop provide immediate and accurate response to sudden pressure variations
  • On-site adjustable pilot – simple and easy calibration of required pressure level
  • System failure indication provides visual indication to maintenance personnel of aberrant operation conditions requiring immediate attention
  • Pilot and control loop constructed from heavy duty environment friendly materials ensure long lasting and reliable operation even after long standby periods

Typical Application

  • Burst protection for recycled water supply lines in buildings; garbage collection rooms, garden irrigation pipes, etc.
  • Elimination of momentary pressure peaks in low pressure gravitational collection lines of water treatment units in highrise buildings
  • Burst Protection for Swimming pools and spas pipes
  • Protection against excessive pressure in filtration systems and automatic back flushing systems in buildings
  • High pressure safety valve for Reverse-Osmosis and De- Mineralized water applications


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