Level Control Valve WW-150-65-BT

Hydraulically operated control valve that controls reservoir filling and reservoir level in building treated water systems.
Reservoir filling is in response to a Bi-level electric float switch signal opening at a pre-set low level and shutting off at a pre-set high level.
The BERMAD 100 hYflow, at the leading edge of control valve design, are hydraulic plug- type, diaphragm operated valves.
This highly durable series utilizing industrial glass-filled nylon, combines simple and reliable construction with superior performance under wide range of operation conditions.

  • High quality industrial grade construction materials ensure reliable, resilient and long lasting operation
  • Flexible super travel diaphragm and balanced plug provide smooth operation with low actuation pressure and diaphragm protection
  • Straight flow-through design of valve body ensures in ultra-high flow capacity with minimal loss of pressure
  • Highly durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions
  • Simple design with few parts allows easy in-line inspection and service
  • Incorporated flow handle for manual flow adjustments and operation overriding
  • Specially designed for building water treatment and energy systems
  • Ideal for plastic tank low pressure applications
  • Electrical operation. Low voltage and low current NO and NC solenoids
  • Optional complete closing of the valve by external hydraulic/electric control source, regardless of the supply line pressure

Typical Application

  • Reservoir level control of treated water systems in buildings
  • Priority and backup management of buildings’ treated water reservoirs
  • Level control of Reverse Osmosis and De-mineralized water applications
  • Swimming pools’ balancing tanks refilling control

Level Control Valve

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