Pressure Relief Valve with Electric Override FP 43T-59


The BERMAD model FP 43T-59 is an elastomeric hydraulic line pressure operated relief valve, combining pressure relief with a pre-opening feature.

It has been specifically designed for advanced fire protection systems and the latest industry standards.

The 43T-59 Pressure Relief Valve prevents damage from overpressure in piping systems, ensuring a preset upstream pressure limit regardless of pressure peaks and fluctuating conditions.

Due to exceptional reliability and low pressure loss it is ideal for the relief of fire pump discharge.

The 43T-59 includes a pre-opening feature, whereby full opening of the valve can be achieved by electric command. This function may be used to relieve and quell anticipated surge such as might occur during pump start-up.

After the anticipated surge has passed, signal termination returns the valve to normal pressure relief duty.

As an option the 43T-59 can be fitted with a valve position indicator that can include a limit switch suitable for Fire & Gas monitoring systems.

  • Safety and reliability

-Time proven, simple, fail-safe actuation
-Single piece, rugged elastomeric diaphragm seal – VRSD technology
-Obstacle-free, uninterrupted flow path
-No mechanical moving parts
-Continues to act as relief valve upon electric failure

  • High performance

-Very high flow efficiency
-Straight through flow Y- type body
-Quick response with minimal power requirement
-Rated up to 25 bar (365 psi)

  • Quick and easy maintenance

-In-line serviceable
-Fast and easy cover removal

Typical Applications

  • Fire pump relief
  • Surge prevention on pump start up.
  • Centralized thermal pressure relief
  • Zonal safety relief


System Installation

A typical installation of the BERMAD model FP 400Y-43T-59 valve features a pilot valve for fast reaction and the automatic and accurate maintenance of a constant preset maximum upstream pressure, regardless of fluctuating

When overpressure or surge is anticipated as in a fire pump start-up, the electric override can be used to momentarily fully open the 43T-59 valve simultaneously with the pump start-up, preempting and preventing potential surge damage.

The valve will return to normal pressure relief mode when the electric override command is turned off via the timer.


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