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Hybrid Electronic Converter MC608

The MC608 converter has been designed with the purpose of meeting all the requirements of modern water management systems through a flexible and hybrid electronic, mains powered, battery powered, or both. With advanced display information, on-site data collection and remote monitoring via GSM/GPRS network, the MC608 allows any customer to access all the information, easily and at no cost. MC608A: Mains powered version 12/24 Vac dc or 90/264 Vac MC608B: Battery powered, with a useful life of 6 years and 12/24 Vac-dc input MC608R: Rechargeable battery powered, with solar panel and 12/24 Vac-dc input MC608P: Panel version, with polycarbonate case MC608I: Stainless Steel case, for outdoor installation and extreme weather conditions MC608LB: Dedicated version for MUT4000, with Lemo connectors for automotive application

Product Features & Benefits

Communication with other instruments via: analog output 4-20 mA, frequency, pulse, RS485 Modbus
5 independent internal totalizer (2 positive, 2 negative, 1 NET)
IrCOM communication
4 MB flash memory, 200,000 lines of data
Hart protocol option available (only MC608A)
Pressure and temperature reading modules
GSM/GPRS module