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Flush-’N-Stop Valve, Double Chamber IR-100-LMOe

The BERMAD Model IR-100-LMOe is a double chambered, hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve suitable for automatic flushing of distribution lines at the beginning and the end of each irrigation cycle. Equipped with an auxiliary opening spring, it enables automatic opening when the system reaches closure pressure and settable opening rate, ensuring line pressure build-up for secure closing.

Product Features & Benefits

Hydraulic Control Valve
■ Line pressure driven
■ Short response time
■ Long term drip tight sealing
Engineered Plastic Valve with Industrial Grade Design
■ Adaptable on-site to a wide range of end connection
sizes and types
■ Highly durable, chemical & cavitation resistant
hYflow ‘Y’ Valve Body with “Look Through” Design
■ Ultra-high flow capacity at Low pressure loss
Double chamber
■ Full powered opening and closing
■ Decreased pressure loss
■ Low throttling noise
■ Non-slam closing characteristic
■ Protected diaphragm
User-Friendly Design
■ Simple in-line inspection and service

Typical Product Applications

Distribution Line Flush-’n-Stop
Drip Systems
Sprinklers & Micro-Sprinklers
Irrigation Machine Line Flush-’n-Stop