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Booster Pump Control and Pressure Sustaining Valve MN-743

Hydraulic active check pump control valve that opens or shuts off in response to electric signals. The valve isolates the pump from the system during pump startup and shutdown, thereby preventing pipeline surges. While open, it sustains minimum discharge pressure regardless of fluctuating flow. BERMAD 700 Series valves are hydraulic pilot operated, oblique pattern, globe valves with a seat assembly and double chambered unitized actuator that can be disassembled from the body as a separate integral unit. The valves hydrodynamic body is designed for unobstructed flow path and provides high flow capabilities. They are made of the highest quality materials suitable for different mining applications.

Product Features & Benefits
  •  Self-operated valves that can work without an external source of power, just a command is needed
  •  Electric controlled
    – Low power consumption
  •  Hydrodynamic wide globe valve body provides:
    – Higher flow (Kv;Cv) than standard globe valves
  •  Check feature (spring loaded type)
    – Replaces line sized check valve
    – Fail-safe mechanical closure
  •  Designed to stand up to the toughest conditions
    – Tamper resistant
    – High stability and accuracy
    – Drip tight sealing
  •  Double chamber actuator design
    – Protected diaphragm
    – Simplified maintenance as it can be removed as a single unit. In-line serviceable
  •  Flexible design – Easy addition of optional features
  •  Obstacle free flow path