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BERMAD C70 is a high quality combination air valve for a variety of mining piping sustems and operating conditions. It evacuates air during pipeline filling, allows effcient release of air pockets from pressurized pipes, and enables large volume air intake in the event of network draining. With its advanced aerodynamic design, double orifice and Surge Protection (Anti-slam / slow closing) device, this valve provides excellent protection against air accumulation, vacuum formation and pressure surges, with improved sealing in low pressure conditions. The valve minimizes water spraying during air release.

Product Features & Benefits
  •  Straight flow body with nominal (equal) inlet and oulet size: Higher than usual flow rates.
  •  Aerodynamic, full-body kinetic shield: Prevents premature closing without disturbing air intake or discharge.
  •  Dynamic Sealing: Prevents leakage under low pressure conditions (1.5 psi; 0.1 bar).
  •  Minimizes fluis spraying during air release: Innovative 2-step function, automatic orifice (Patent Pending).
  •  Compact, simple and reliable structure with fully corrosion-resistant internal parts: Lower maintenance and increased life span.
  •  Designed in compliance with functional standards and water service standards.
  •  Factory approval and Quality Control: Performance and specification tested and measured with specialized test bench, including vacuum pressure conditions.