2-Way Solenoid Valve

  These 2-Way solenoid valves are pilot operated diaphragm type, requiring a minimum differential pressure to operate. They have an integrated pressure operated pilot valve, affording a high flow capacity. The solenoid valve’s design allows a small overall dimension with a relatively high flow-capacity. The solenoid coil is continuous duty design, with an epoxy molded or integral terminal box. These 2-Way solenoid valves are suitable for activating BERMAD Deluge valves, Preaction Valves and other Water Control Valves. The 5282 models have a media separated pilot, making them insensitive to corrosive fluids.

Product Features & Benefits


  • High flow capacity, 12 mm orifice min.
  • Internal pilot operated
  • One-piece molded epoxy enclosure as standard
  • Class H coil and suppression diode (model BE270CW)
  • Ex d type with integral terminal box (model BE270CW)
  • Seawater capability available (5282 SS316 version)