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Anti Cavitation Diffuser Device

The Anti Cavitation Diffuser (ACD) is a device designed to prevent cavitation damage at source, also reducing noise levels and vibration. This device replaces traditional anti-cavitation trims, and will prevent flashing and cavitation pitting of valves and piping operating at high pressure differentials. The ACD should be installed at the outlet downstream of Pressure control or Pressure Relief valves thereby controlling the pipe velocity profile and the pressure characteristic across the control valve seat. Effectively silencing and eliminating cavitation and minimizing erosion damage, the ACD will significantly extend operating life and minimize downtime in applications working in severe service conditions.

Product Features & Benefits

Prevents cavitation damage at source
Reduces vibration and noise level.
Suitable for very high pressure differentials
Easy field / retro-fit installation, wafer body configuration
No moving parts provides ultimate reliability
Unobtrusive, installed downstream of a control valve using the same pipe size
Straight through unobstructed flowpath – no danger of clogging
Meets the NFPA 20 flow requirements
Suitable for corrosive fluids
Available for all valve sizes
Stainless Steel construction, available in other corrosion resistant alloys
Sized for each application, providing specific optimum performance

Typical Product Applications

High differential pressure relief valves
Severe service pressure control valves
Noise and vibration reduction
Reservoir / tank filling
Pump recirculation