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Anti-Surge Pump Start Control Valve FP-730-48-BL

The BERMAD 730-48-BL is a Normally Open, Anti Surge, pilot-operated and diaphragm-actuated control valve. It has a double-chambered actuator for positive and reliable actuation with an external lift spring, giving the valve it’s normally open characteristic. This affords the BERMAD 730-48-BL a zero reaction time, pre-empting and dissipating any pressure surge or excess air at pump start up. Once the surge has passed and system piping pressure has normalized the 730-48-BL will close and will continue duty as a relief valve, relieving pressure spikes when needed, keeping the system pressure at its designed level. The 730-48-BL is an autonomous valve operating under line pressure alone requiring no external power source.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Safety Features

-Provides soft pump start for system surge protection
-Pre-opening to anticipate and pre-empt start-up surge and expel initial air build up.
-Double chambered for reliable quick and smooth opening/closing
-Unobstructed flow path with no lower guide/ribs

  • High Performance

-Y-shape straight-through-flow or angle body design
-High flow capacity
-25 bar / 365 psi Rated

  • Maintenance

-In-line serviceable
-Cover and actuator removal without removing the control trim

Typical Product Applications

Typical Applications

  • Pump start-up dump valve
  • Vertical fire pump air release
  • Pressure sustaining/Relief
  • Pump protection from discharge overpressure


Typical Installations

A typical installation of the Model: BERMAD FP-730-48-BL is in systems where a pump start up would be followed by a pressure surge or contain accumulated residual air that has to be prevented from entering the piping system for the proper and safe function of a fire protection system.

When fitted close to the pump outlet the Normally Open characteristic of the FP-730-48-BL means a zero reaction time to initial pressure spikes and a maximum amount of the air being exhausted immediately before entering the system piping.

The high flow capacity of the valve enables an efficient and fast surge prevention and air extraction procedure.

When the pipeline pressure normalizes to below the relief set pressure, determined by the  adjustable pilot valve, the BERMAD FP-730-48-BL will tend to close.

Closing of the valve is positive and fast due to the double chamber, yet cushioned and smooth, due to the hydraulic characteristic of under-the-seat flow direction.

Whilst there is pressure in the pipeline the valve will continue service as a normal pressure relief or sustaining valve.

As soon as the pump is shut down and the pipeline is depressurized, the BERMAD FP-730-48-BL will return to the Normally Open position in standby and ready to dispel air contamination on the next pump start-up.FP-748Y-Final-15.3.2016-ver3 FP-748Y-Final-15.3.2016-ver4