Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve DPRV-CAP1

Spring loaded, direct acting pressure reducing valve that reduces a high upstream pressure to a lower, constant downstream pressure, regardless of fluctuating demand or varying upstream pressure.

The pre-calibrated device is easily adjustable using an adjustment knob with setting indicator.
This model is often used as a low flow bypass on larger piloted pressure reducing valves like the BERMAD 720-2B or 420-2B.
The BERMAD DPRV-CAP1 series are certified according to the EN 1567 standard for use with hot water up to 80°C. In addition, they are certified in accordance with the WRAS specifications.

  • Internal self-contained cartridge containing all the adjustment components, easily replicable in-line. The cartridge containing the diaphragm, strainer, seat, actuator and compensation piston in a pre-assembled self contained unit
  • Internal moving parts are made of low adherence coefficient material such as plastic to minimize the chance of lime scale formation and malfunctions.
  • Compensation chamber balanced regulation allow for stable downstream pressure at variable upstream pressures.
  • Y-Shaped pattern for compact dimensions at relatively high capacity and performances with low head losses.
  • Reduces pressure for point of use zones in high rise buildings.
  • Pressure reduction in floor installations and for limited amount of fixtures.
  • Low flow bypass for piloted PRV systems.