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Eco Valves

We hereby inform you that our line of Separation Valves was transferred to ECO Valves Ltd, and as of April 10th, 2019 Eco Valves Ltd independently conducts this activity. In addition, ECO Valves Ltd serves as an exclusive service provider for the products sold by BERMAD until April 10th, 2019 (including after sale service and supply of spare parts). ECO Valves team includes ex - BERMAD employees, with many years of experience in the Separation Valves segment. We trust ECO Valves Ltd. to continue managing the Separation Valves' activity with the same standards and degree of care as BERMAD did. For all new quotes, orders, or service requests, please contact : Eng. Reuven Perez Technical Support: Phone: +972522360515 Hen Benjamin Marketing & Sales: Phone: +972525255606