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Zero Pressure, Hydraulically controlled, Foam Concentrate Valve FC 700E-5X-BO

The BERMAD FC 700E-5X-BO is a Double Chambered hydraulically powered Foam-concentrate valve, controlled by a 3-Way hydraulic relay valve. The FC 700E-5X-BO is hydraulically actuated by existing fire water pressure, independent from the foam pressure enabling functionality at very low pressure or even non-pressurized foam concentrate. This makes it highly suited for installation at the discharge of atmospheric tanks. The hydraulic opening command can be shared with that of a main deluge valve, enabling a simple and perfect Opening synchronization of both valves. This assures an immediate foam solution supply to the system. The valve is “Fail Safe Close” and designed with an “Over the Seat” flow direction to ensure drip-tight sealing and safe operation. The BERMAD FC 700E-5X-BO replaces mechanically actuated valves or pilot-operated solenoid valves, providing safer operation for modern foam systems, assuring maximum reliability of the entire fire-fighting system.

Product Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Double chambered Actuation – Zero Line Pressure
  • Obstacle free full bore – Uncompromising reliability
  • Fail Safe Close – Safe operation and drip tight sealing
  • In line serviceable – Minimum downtime and easy maintenance
  • Simultaneous opening with the main deluge valve – immediate Foam supply
  • 3-Way control – No continual release of control fluid
  • Valve activation with Water or Air pilot line pressure


Optional Features

  • Valve position indicator
  • Electric indication (Limit Switch)


Typical Product Applications


Typical Applications

  • Foam systems
  • Zone isolating, on-off remote control
  • Hydraulic remote controlled systems
  • Offshore platforms / marine vessels
  • Gas storage tanks