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400E Series FP-400E

The BERMAD FP 400E valve is an elastomeric, rolling diaphragm globe valve, with a solid radial seal disc. These automatic water control valves are designed for vertical or horizontal installation and are available in diameter sizes from 1½ inch to 14 inch (DN40 to DN350). The BERMAD FP 400E valves are used for water flow control in Deluge, Combination Pressure Control Deluge, Preaction or Water/Foam systems. They are available in a wide range of construction materials, making them suitable for a variety of industrial specifications. The FP 400E Deluge Valve is line pressure driven and is held closed by system water pressure trapped in the control chamber. When the releasing system operates, pressure is released from the control chamber, and the seal disc opens to allow water to flow into the system. The design of the FP 400E valve body includes a single, full bore seat with an unobstructed flow path, free of any in-line ribs, supporting cage, or shafts. The unique hydro-dynamic globe design provides high flow capabilities with minimum head loss. The cover is removable via four fastening bolts (6 bolts for 12 inch and 14 inch valves) for quick in-line inspection and servicing. The internal design of the FP 400E valve is based on innovative VRSD (vulcanized radial seal disk) technology. This technology uses advanced rubber-based materials to achieve a solid, one-piece, elastomeric assembly including a flexible fiber reinforced diaphragm, vulcanized with a rugged radial seal disk, and together providing resilient, long term, drip tight sealing. The elastomeric assembly is carefully balanced and peripherally supported to avoid tension and protect the elastomer, resulting in long life and a smooth controlled actuation, even under harsh conditions. The elastomeric assembly can be easily removed from the valve body with no need for disassembling the valve from the line.