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Single Interlock Pre-Action Valve Electric Release System FP-400Y-7M

The BERMAD Model FP 400Y-7M utilizes an elastomeric deluge valve, designed for advanced fire protection systems and the latest industry standards. The Single Interlock Electric Release is suitable for use in systems requiring that water be kept out of the sprinkler piping until an electric detecting device is activated. Single Interlock Pre-Action Systems include automatic sprinklers attached to a dry sprinkler piping system, with a supplementary electric detection system installed in the same area. This system admits water into the sprinkler piping upon activation of the detection system. Water is discharged only through sprinklers that have been opened due to excessive heat. When a Supervised System is required, a pneumatic low pressure supply shall be provided through a proper Air Maintenance Device (AMD-74 or 75), also an anti-flooding feature is provided by utilizing an in-line check valve, which creates an intermediate vented chamber using a Normally Open drip-check. As an option the 400Y-7M features a visual quarter turn valve position indicator, available with limit switches for remote valve position monitoring.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Safety and reliability

-Time-proven, simple, fail-safe actuation
-Single-piece, rugged, elastomeric diaphragm  seal – VRSD technology
-Intermediate anti-flooding chamber
-Obstacle-free, uninterrupted flow path
-No mechanical moving parts

  • High performance

-Very high flow efficiency
-Straight through flow Y-type body
-Approved for 20 bar / 300 psi

  • Quick and easy maintenance

-In-line serviceable
-Quick and easy cover removal
-Swivel mounted drain valves*

* Not including 2”

Typical Product Applications

Typical Applications

  • Water sensitive material storage
  • Computer and electronics rooms
  • Libraries / museums & archives


System Installation

A typical installation of the BERMAD model 400Y-7M features automatic actuation via a solenoid valve and releasing control panel.

Actuation occurs only when the control panel receives an electric signal from the fire-detection system.

An inline check valve and drip-check valve create an intermediate vented chamber to ensure against flooding when the valve is closed.

An air supply system including an Air Maintenance Device (AMD-74 / 75) with a low Pressure Switch can be provided when a Supervised System is required.

When fitted with a limit switch, the valve can send a feedback signal to a remote valve position monitoring system.