Level Control Valve with Bi-Level Vertical Float FP-450-66

  Reservoir filling -Very low supply pressure -Low noise generation -Energy cost critical systems -Systems with poor water quality The Model FP 450-66 Level Control Valve with Bi-Level Vertical Float is a hydraulically controlled, diaphragm actuated control valve that controls reservoir filling in response to a hydraulic on/off float pressure command. The Valve opens at pre-set low level and closes at a pre-set high level.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Line-pressure driven

– Independent operation

  • Bi-Level Float

– On/Off – non modulating
– Extended service life

  • Rugged Reliability

– Single-piece fully supported rolling diaphragm
– Obstacle-free unobstructed flow path
– Suited for use with low quality water

  • Hydraulically Restrained Actuation

– Non-slam closing
– Quiet and smooth operation

  • High Performance

– High flow capacity
– Low operating pressure

  • External Installation

– Easy access to valve & float
– Simple level setting
– Less wear and tear

  • In-line Serviceable

– Quick and easy maintenance

  • Flexible Design

– Simple addition of factory supplied features


Typical Product Applications

 Major Additional Features

  • Pressure sustaining – 453-66
  • Electric float backup – 450-66-65
  • Flow control – 457-66-U


Infrastructure Installation

Rooftop reservoir level control is attained by electric control of the basement pumps according to reservoir level. As overflow of a rooftop reservoir can cause costly damage, hydraulic backup protection is recommended.
The Model FP 450-66 is suited to this function. When open, it presents minimal interference, but when needed, it shuts off securely.
To ensure supply pressure to upper floor consumers or the fire protection system, install the Model FP 420 or 42T Pressure Control Valve upstream from the Model FP 450-66.


Basement Reservoirs
Basement reservoir design requires consideration of specific issues:

  • Supply cut-off is unacceptable.
  • Reservoir overflow might damage expensive equipment.
  • Noise level and duration should be limited.
  • Municipal supply pressure might be low.
    The Model FP 450-66, as part of a Reservoir Fill-Up system, fulfills these requirements and more.