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Level Control Valve with Altitude Pilot FP-450-82

  •  “Always Full” Firewater Reservoir
  •  Ideal for High level reservoirs & water towers
  •  Safer firewater filling
  •  Self operation with No Float
  •  Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation

The BERMAD FP 450-82 Level Control Valve is a hydraulically controlled, diaphragm actuated automatic control valve that shuts at pre-set high reservoir level and opens in response to level drop, keeping the reservoir full. The water level is maintained by the use of a highly accurate pilot valve that precisely senses the water level head from a sensing point at the bottom of the reservoir and controls the main filling valve accordingly. This eliminates the need for the installation of a float mechanism, making it ideal for high level reservoirs.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Line-pressure driven

– Independent operation

  • No Float

– Simple installation
– Easy accessibility

  • Rugged Reliability

– Single-piece fully supported rolling diaphragm
– Obstacle-free unobstructed flow path

  • Hydraulically Restrained Actuation

-Non-slam closing
– Quiet and smooth operation

  • High Performance

– High flow capacity
– Low pressure operation

  • External Installation

– Easy access to valve
– Simple level setting
– Less wear and tear

  • In-Line Serviceable

– Quick and easy maintenance

  • Flexible Design

-Simple addition of factory supplied features


Major Additional Features

  • Standard: 2-14 meter Setting Altitude Pilot – FP 450-82-M6
  • 5-22 meter Setting Altitude Pilot – FP 450-82-M5
  • 15-35 meter Setting Altitude Pilot – FP 450-82-M4
  • 25-70 meter Setting Altitude Pilot – FP 450-82-M8
    nnPressure sustaining (for 450-82) – 453-82
Typical Product Applications

The Model FP 450-82 senses the static head of the water level in the tank by means of a high sensitivity altitude pilot valve.

To do so accurately, the sensing tube end must be connected to a still point at the bottom of the tank.

The drainage pipe provides this still point, a location not influenced by flow velocity as with the filling and outflow pipes.


In firewater reservoirs, the water level should be kept as constant as possible, with a highly accurate altitude pilot valve the Model FP 450-82 is well suited to fulfill this requirement.

The altitude pilot is highly sensitive to changes and accurately maintains the reservoir water level to within a few centimeters.