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Pressure Relief Valve FP-730-UF

The BERMAD Model FP 730-UF pilot operated relief valve prevents overpressure, maintaining a constant preset system pressure regardless of fluctuating conditions. It is UL-Listed (up to 350 psi) and FM-Approved in accordance with NFPA-20. The valve offers reliable performance when installed in: Refineries, petrochemical complexes, tank farms, high-rise buildings, aviation and airports, marine and on-shore installations.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Hydraulically powered valve seal design

-Reliable drip tight sealing
-Eliminates jamming problems

  • Hydro-efficient body design

-Wide operating range
-Unobstructed straight through flow path

  • Double-chambered unitized actuator

-Easy, inline inspection ensures minimal down time
-Quick and smooth valve action

Typical Product Applications


Typical Applications

  • Pressure relief for individual diesel fire pump
  • Pump station pressure-relief
  • Centralized thermal pressure relief
  • Foam recirculation; maintains required foam pressure
  • Zone safety relief

Typical Installations

Installation with Angle pressure relief valve


 Installation with Y Pattern relief valveModel-FP-730-UF_2